Brandon Hamilton (manahar) wrote in theevilcrew,
Brandon Hamilton

Get ready for the best thing ever...


Todays episode: Sweet D and the Ninjas from Hell.

In one of his past exploits, Sweet D had single handedly killed a batch of Ninjas who threatened the peace of Newbury Comics with his mad streetfighting skills. Years later The Crew was hanging out at Nick's with new members Andrew W. K. and Destiny's child (Minus Michelle). Mickey had a little too much of the ol' Autocrat and challegened Beyounce to a dance off. When she started shaking her booty Alberto became crazy in love and Abe shit a brick. Wade was there and boy was he gay. Meanwhile in the bowels of hell the ninjas plotted their revenge on Sweet D, Satan, hating Sweet D for being so sweet and so D gave them the okay to rise from the grave. So they totally did and even though they were buried in Attleboro they popped out of Nick's floor and Nick was all like "Man, ninjas, awesome!!!", and Abe shit a brick, then Serene kicked one in the nuts and Abe shit a brick, and Brandon threw up cuz there was like a dance off and ninjas and Wade in the same room, and Wade was totally gay and Abe shit a brick, and then Sweet D said "Fuck all y'all" to the ninjas and he fucking killed them again and Wade was like super gay at this point and Mickey drank some Autocrat and Beyounce was still shaking her ass and Andrew W.K. was hanging out and after Sweet D killed the dead ninjas they came back, and Alberto went to the bathroom to pee but Serene was already in there and he had to totally wait until she was done before he could go, and Derek and Pete were in their room, and Sweet D rocked the ninjas back into their grave and Andrew W.K. totally approved and Nick was all like "MAN AWESOME" and then we were all like "We love you Nick" and Wade was still getting all gayed up and making us laugh, and the ninjas stayed dead and Andrew W.K. and Destiny's child(minus Michelle) sang "X gon' give it to ya" and Abe shit a final brick making a total of about 5 bricks all together.
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