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theevilcrew's Journal

The Evil Crew
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"macho man" randy savage, 40.00 worth of ice-cream, abe scott, abescott, adult swim, alberto marteinez, alberto's parent's van, alright parking, andrew w.k, ann, attleboro, autocrat coffee syrup, awk, awkapella, batman, being rude, billy joel, brandon hamilton, buying weapons, california super video, camelia, candy, catamarans, chris leong, chris leong with boobs, comic book conventions, comic books, comiccon, cowtown, cursing, dee dee ramone, dinosaurs: big songs, disney fucking land, disneyland, disneyland police, dmx, donald duck, donald duck cursing, dr. doom, dx chopping, dx chops, fabio, fabio's music, flipping out, frats, fuck david caradine, fuck lestat's, fuck neil adams, futurama, getting lost, giving blood, good times, hash pipe (the song), hey kissing, hey skulling, hooters, house of 1000 corpses, house of the dead, hum, jack in the box, jenny jones, jokes, kicking abe scott's nuts, kristi, luchadores, ludacris, making fun of nerds, meeting beastmaster, meeting brian michael bendis, meeting calamity jon, meeting chop top, meeting felix silva, meeting internet friends, meeting jamar nichols, meeting keenan's dad, meeting matt groening, meeting rowdy roddy piper, meeting sid haig, meeting stan lee, meeting the hot rod, meeting the toxic avenger, mexican food, micheal walter chiechi, mickey chiechi, milo and otis, mix tapes, mocking hugh jackman, movies, nerds, newbury comics, nick friesen, nick's car, nick's gay neighbor wade, nick's house, not buying statues, not meeting carlton, palm trees, pizza, planes, raymond moses, resolver, road trips, rock, rock and roll, s-rene, san diego, san diego comiccon, san fransisco, sci-fi, serene lusano, serenetown, shitty food, shouting, silent mickey mouse shorts, smoking ciggarettes, spider-man, spooky man, star wars holiday special, staying up late, suck it, sweet d, sweet d being uncomfortable, sweet d in general, sweet d missing planes, swimming in hotel pools, the a-man, the babe at ampm, the evil crew, the frat, the marvel universe, the misfits, the movie game, the pixies, the ramones, they might be giants, tmbg, tmbg chat rooms, tmbgcat, troma, two princes, ultimate spider-man, ultimate x-men, vons, wade, wade loves sweet d, wade singing sarah brightman, wart hog, x gon give it2ya, x-men, yelling